September 5, 2010

Unexpected virus...1/09/2010

Hi there, regarding the following days, I started implementing a new Chart of accounts at Edusport structured by allocations (the P&L), and I have been teaching them on using Quickbooks monthly reports, it seems very easy but the problem is that their computer (where the accounting software is located) is very old and so very slow...But also something happened. I thought that we should use the anti/virus for a check as they usually dont do it. Then after spending long time to processing, the scanvirus detected threats, and so apparently eliminated it. But I couldn't imagine that afterwards when we tried to work on this computer it was not possible..all of the icons we clicked on (word, excel, qb..) showed the same message of being impossible to open because of a file... I paniced...They didnt realize the problem ( i preferred no to tell them until I found a solution...) but times went slowly, and I wasnt able to ammend it. I firstly thought about phoning someone in Spain to explain the problem...But i thought twice; And then I turned to be more realistic and find a more feasible solution. Then I decided to phone Dion, a south/african guy very nice that I met recently and who works for another NGO called CONNECT AFRICA (they connect rural areas of Africa) to ask him for help...And his support was so big, ..he came with another guy who knew about computer, then this guy phoned another one who was very skilled on this, and came to the office...and finally ammended it...but the restoring proccesses lasted several hours....For some time before I felt terrified about the fact that the computer turned useless. But finally there was a happy ending. God provides. Apparently the current antivirus any time you execute it if it finds a virus, it deletes the file and in our case at it was blocking the accounting program, it blocked totally. Solution in short/medium term is to disable the current antivirus Karperstky as it is not practical the way it proceeds, and then install a new one.. I paid 70.000kw to John for his work, and invited to dine to Dion (we went to a very nice restaurant called Golf grill...awesome beef!) and the same night I bought my ticket for travelling to Livingston at the weekend.
So next day I could continue teaching them on the use of Quickbooks for providing financial reports..I also have implemented the current bank reconciliation template, to make it easier every month..


  1. send eggs... t habia escrito un post bien largo y cuando lo he dado para publicar me dice q da error y a saber dónde se ha pirado mi comentario.. a las cataratas victoria, si me apuras.... q mala suerte... a ver si me leo tu blog entero.. no he tenido tiempo.. he llegado esta madrugada d parís.. pero a momoto pongo x testigo q me lo voy a leer d golfo a rabo y voy a comentarte la jugada...

    felicidades x tu blog.. está muy chulo y currado.

  2. \gracias\111 madre mia me ha dejado un colegui japones en elhostel su portatil y esta todo en japon:es no entiendo nada\11 y losmensajes de avisos mesalen todos en japones y no entiendo nada asi que no se si estoy pulsando que si o que no, todo puede ser que ahora todo japon tenga acceso a mis cuentas\1 me desconecto por hoy pero prometo suculentos vericuetos ma;ana\1 graciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas es la primera vez q contesto un post pq hasta ahora no habia podido\\\\\\\\\ agromenaguer arigaton aki huele a savanaaaaaaaa tiaaaa dormi en mitad de la savana de botswana el sabasdoooooooo

  3. ya t digo... dile al japo q modernice su laptop con el teclado cañí.... t dejé tb un mensaje en un post q colgaste en julio... el primero donde t presentas y tienes d foto tú sentada en un estampado altamente azebrado....

    deja ya d darnos envidia con los desiertos y la savana... yo tb he dormido en la sabana... pero d mi cama....

    sniffff... pa lo q hemos quedao....


  4. ere una malahoja!!!!!!!!

  5. x q sale peter lover en una foto en pequeño?? no me digas q va a hacerle tb el test del autocoaching a la zebra???

  6. following my sis´advice..let´s see if I know how to post thissssssssssss
    Pittttt I love everything u are doing there!!I loved the eating without napking and ohhhh yes with a basin anecdote and this one about the computer virus!!
    Pitiplin the besttttttttttttttttttt

  7. Aaaahhhhhh!!!! I know some spanish but not enough to read all these comments!
    Sounds like you're having a great time although it must have been a shock losing the computer programme with no support to call upon.
    Keep up the good work, hope you enjoy your trip to Livingstone.

  8. don´t worry momotis, when the lord closes a door, somewhere opens a window....

    u should have better called me in your computer odyssey.. alfre2 barbecue, unexpected hamburguer... my humble fees, parce que je lo vaux bien....

    have just discovered an awsome italian restaurant in pink rivers (rios rosas, blue line).... gonna take u there....

    viva españa y olé!