September 10, 2010

Last days at Edusport

After a second computer things look better.I obtained also uK's approval for installing a new antivirus system..We have worked more into Quickbooks as well as hold a meeting with director and the next volunteer of Afid on a periodic basis. Now that we got the internet codes for bank statements it seems not is a very long process! last days at office i have been telling them guidelines not to miss, despite they keep very busy organising community events. Finally I got Kelvin to take me to Kalingalinga for meeting communities, as I insisted them a lot on attending to any activities before coming back to Spain. Kevin is only 17 years old, but he's been with Edusport since 12, as peer leader, as a kind of mentor for youth. when he visits communities many people request him for advice, he is a very good example for youth, very concerned on helping communities even he's been on Tv advertising! I spent a nice time joining kids with peer leader in their games.

In this last week I have gone out a lot!Shepherd (another guy at Connect Africa), Kahale (my japanese mate's brother in law at guesthouse), Dion (he offered me a very very nice bbq at his garden, i shared my Rioja bottle with him), and yesterday Myanda invited me to dinner with him and his girlfriend Audrey who speaks spanish (she went to study to Cuba as Cuban government provides grants to Zambia). I also went with the Edusport boys to have lunch at their favorite place, the Divine Power inside the kabwata market, close to the carterpillars' stall (!!)

Today for my last day at Edusport I dressed myself with the african chitenge. I wanted to do it, and in Spain i know i am not wearing it (except for being at home or at the beach..). They liked it very much! we took many pictures with all the staff...And when i came back to guesthouse i couldn't avoid a tear while i was walking across the people. I am going to miss Zambia and Zambians a lot!

Moreover, I had an appointement with Mike , the guesthouse guard, this afternoon, as I promised him I would visit his compound to know his family...a long trip (two buses and half a taxi) I visited his compound near kalingalinga, and met her daughters and wife, offered them some presents for kids and a mosquito net as well (he told me he didnt use it now as have school expenses bigger..). He looked so proud and happy because I have visited them! He always says he keeps on praying for me :-)

And the formal farewell with Edusport is this evening, so i must go now, and enjoy my last night at Lusaka..i don't know what plans they have for me but must be ready in half an hour!

I'll write again when i have a chance since Europe, and will hang more snaps as a brief of all of the people i've met and of zambia!! fly back tomorrow


  1. hombre pili, never say never again.. el chitenge es ideal para ir a comprar el pan en madrid.....

    la foto d las niñas en la bañera es buenísima!

    q bien t sienta la camiseta d españa oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    buen viaje d vuelta momota!!!!!!

  2. Pitiplinnnnnn!! we love ur pics!!!!!!!!! enjoy your last days :)!!! Erika+Inga

  3. Pilar, hope you arrived home safely. I love your photos - you look beautiful in the Chitenge, and the 2 girls sharing a bath are so cute! Love the hair. :) Speak to you soon.

  4. Yeeeeeeeeee !!!

    Pilareta !!!, ya se ve que estas hecha una intrepida aventurera en Áfricaaa !!!

    Estamos impacientes de que vuelvas y nos cuentes todo con detalles. Las fotos son espectacularesss !!!

    Un abrazo y muuuucho ánimoooo !!!


  5. melon Alex!!! regresé hace una semana de Zambia, y ayer regrseé de NYC! a ver si hablamos, y te lees todo mi blog, que por tu comentario veo que no leiste la fecha en la que lo posteée!
    un besote, aún me falta por escribir el ultimo post del comment, av er si hoy saco tiempo!