September 21, 2010

Home, sweet home..

Well, I am at home. I had a safe flight back from Lusaka, and only two days later I had a business trip to NYC for a week, so until now, I haven’t felt back at HOME. I want to remember and tell my last hours in Lusaka…My NGO colleagues picked me up in the hostel and took me to Alliance Française to have some beers together. I spent a nice soirée with Nyachi, Carol and Sharon: the Go Sisters girls, great girls, and very good dancers, oh yeah! And with Michael, the director of the Foundation, always with a smile. When they went away, they gave me a very nice souvenir from EduSport (an small soccer ball signed by all of the Edusport staff, and Go Sisters t-shirts from the Program). Then I stayed with Kahale who came to have dinner with me by last time (this year, who knows?). And when we were about to leave from Alliance F I ran into Senja! She is the finish girl who was sitting down beside me in my flight to Lusaka…it was such a big coincidence! It was a sign…I arrived with her, and I left Zambia giving her a hug!
I’ve made many good friends and I hope this friendship never ends.. Zambia treated me so well, I have been very happy these weeks there, even arriving there alone, I have never felt alone.. Somehow now I miss my life there…kind of different to my current life in Madrid …Last week was weird to jump from the bed without mosquito net (specially in NY, in a king size bed in front of Times Square J).
It is not a myth. I’ve been "touched" by Africa. And I want to come back, to Austral Africa. Thanks to all of the people who have supported me from the distance! I strongly recommend to any reader of this blog, and to anyone, to join to an NGO in Africa. No better way to spend a time of your life if you want to know this part of the world, the real life there, and try to help somehow! Before going I felt skeptic about my help in Finance management/ accounting…
But it is a chain…in order to help communities NGO’s need money, and to raise new funds they must provide to funders proper reports, financials, improving their skills..
Thanks to AFID (Accounting for International Development) as by becoming a member of them, I got this chance to join a volunteering ..
Skomo kuambi!


  1. oh my god!!!!!!!!!

    your blog is divineeeeeeeeeeeee.... first pic seems to me a profident advertisement instead of... for god´s sake, what kind od seed are you trying to taste???? your pictures look gorgeous and colouring!!!!!!!!!!

    jamía, welcome home, even a big piece of your heart will remain in austral africa.... we´ll always have zambia...

    you must remember this, a giraffe is just a giraffe.....

  2. Grazie mille my dear momota! Indeed I was trying "to try" a carterpillar! (dried looked like peanuts) not a seed;

    Yeah, and never trust a hippo! see you later alligator