August 23, 2010

Finance team survivor kit!

Hi there,
It is my last day at office (during the season..) and my finance colleagues at MTV have surprised me with a very nice “emergency” kit for my imminent stay in Zambia!!!! It includes:

1 flyswatter (flip-flop shaped!)
1 little Spain flag (We are the champions! And Edusport seems to be a very big football supporter..)
1 Muji stylo
1 Muji notebook
1 small table lamp (same size as an stapler!)
1 nail polish and cotton remover (a bit of glamour to take away!)
1 small hand ventilator (pink), gorgeous!
1 rain cap
Thank you guys!!

Tomorrow I start taking the Malarone pills (glub..!). My suitcase is nearly closed! And I almost have finished reading the John Cammak’s book (and so all of the feedback regarding financial organisation in EduSport!),..I think I am ready?
See you!


  1. You go Pilar! We all support and admire you. We'll be following your blog so keep us informed!


  2. Suerte guapa! Pasalo bien. Nos vemos cuando vuelvas.

  3. Espero que hayas llegado bien y que lo pases genial, qué experiencia!!! Estaremos pendientes de lo que pongas. Muchos besos!!!!